Professional Babysitter - 10 Important Qualities You can Expect from a Professional Babysitter

Published: 25th August 2009
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Babysitters come and go because not all of them will meet our expectations especially if our children's needs are more than just being watched over. It may interest you to know that there are those who have really made a career out of being babysitters. They are known as the professional babysitters, because the qualities of their services are really above par.

Babysitter agencies who guarantee the services of professional babysitters also implement stricter guidelines among their pool of caregivers. The online babysitter agency would also like to uphold their reputation as a provider of highly qualified and reliable child care providers.

What Qualities can You Expect from a Professional Babysitter?

1. A babysitter who is at least 18 years old must undergo a thorough pre-screening procedure. An agency may require for the issuance of certification as a "Certified Sitter" to signify that she has passed all pre-screening requirements.

2. The babysitter owns a reliable means of transportation or vehicle because she can be asked or relied upon to drive or pick up the child under her care.

3. Her credentials in child care are backed-up by extensive babysitting experiences. These highly qualified babysitters are well rounded when it comes to handling children of all ages and gender.

4. They spend their time wisely by engaging the children in meaningful activities suited to their ages. If the child prefers other activities, the professional babysitter can manage to rise up to the child's expectations by interacting with the child in her best capacity as an older companion. As much as possible, she will try to divert the child from watching too much TV or playing video games.

5. As a professional babysitter, it is required that she knows how to perform CPR and First Aid. This is to ensure that the children in her care can have the immediate attention they need in case of emergency situations.

6. Her character as child companion and caregiver is expected to create a positive influence; hence, it is important that she passes her babysitter agency's personal character assessment and evaluation.

7. The professional babysitters are expected to use their cell phones or landlines only for emergency purposes or as a means of communicating with the parents or babysitter agency. She will treat the home seriously as a place of professional work, thus, she will see to it that her personal affairs do not mingle with the job at hand.

8. She reports for her babysitting engagement well groomed and casually attired in a manner that will make the children warm up to her. What most agencies prescribe are clean jeans and tees in its most regular and decent form. The babysitter always arrives on or before the appointed time.

9. As a competent caregiver, she will not leave the children unattended even if the appointed time is already up. In case the parents are not home at the time expected, she will get in touch with the agency to notify them of the situation. Neither will she leave the house disorganized or unkempt.

10.The professional babysitter will strive to maintain positive feedbacks in order to keep her references constructive and appealing. An influx of negative feedbacks means she will be taken off the team of professional babysitters.

Based on all these requirements, the babysitter who meets all qualifications expected from professional babysitters can ask for salary rates ranging from $18 to $25 per hour.

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